A few weeks ago, I spoke to a few college students that were applying to full-time jobs. The COVID-19 pandemic has made job searching much more difficult since they are fewer job openings. A few students asked if I had email templates for job hunting and I actually did.

I began scouring my inbox for emails that I did send to recruiters and found emails for accepting a job offer and even found emails I sent to alumni from my college. Once I have compiled my list of templates, I began organizing them in a Google Doc. Then I decided to use Carrd, a website maker to organize all these email templates on a presentable website. Airtable was used to present the information in a Kanban format.

Check out the email templates here.

On the website, you can see the different email templates we have:

  • Following up on a job application
  • Following up with a recruiter after no response
  • Turning down a job offer
  • If you need more time to think of the job offer.
  • Thank you email after an interview
  • Sending an email to alumni for referral
  • Reaching out to past colleagues for a referral
  • Out of office message
  • Two weeks notice message
  • Asking for referral at your dream company
  • Following up with a recruiter at a career fair

Once again, check out the website here.