I’m embarking on my journey as a first-time homebuyer, and I was thinking of ways to organize the whole home buying process. There are many stages in terms of buying a home. You have to start your research early, but where should you store the research. My method is using a Notion template to organize your first-time home buying experience.

first time home buying notion

Above, you can see that I created a Kanban board with the following sections: General, Favorite Properties, Viewings, List of Lenders, Real Estate Agents, Home Inspection, and Closing.

In the General section, I have a bunch of resources from Trulia about the whole buying experience. I even embedded a House Affordability Calculator in one of the cards, so you can see how much down payment you should pay. There is an article on How to Choose a Mortgage Lender, which is useful because you’re probably going to choose between 3-5 lenders to find the perfect interest rate. Getting pre-qualified and pre-approved is important in showing real estate agents that you are serious about buying a house.

I’ve also added a “Requirements for House” section, breaking it up to “Needs to Have”, “Want to Have”, and “Do Not Want to Have”. You can copy the requirements for each house in the favorites section. It helps in checking things off and finding your perfect place.

The favorite properties and viewings section are where you can organize the places that you like a lot. If you don’t like a place, then you can remove it. Using a kanban board is awesome in organizing the houses you’re viewing.

Lastly, home inspection and closing will be the last part of your home buying process. Definitely add the report in the home inspection section to keep things organized. Closing is the fun part, you can keep track of all the tasks that need to be done to close the house.

Check out the FREE Notion template here. You can duplicate the template, so you can use it in your own workspace.