In December 2019, I went to Tokyo, Japan with my friends, Yiwen and Eric. We had a 5-day foodie adventure and it was awesome. The first event we went to was the Robot Restaurant. We saw Ninja Turtles fighting against some creature we haven’t seen before.

Seoul, South Korea has GS25, and Tokyo, Japan has 7 Eleven. 7 Eleven is my favorite so far. The selection of foods is top-notch and delicious as well. My favorite item to get at 7 Eleven is the Onigiri. It is a rice ball wrapped with seaweed. Common stuffings are tuna, salmon, or egg.

My favorite dish in Tokyo has to be the Tonkatsu. It is basically a deep-fried/tempura pork cutlet. A must-try if you’re in Tokyo.

Can’t wait for my next Tokyo trip!