STEAM Boston is a digital media company that my fellow Co-Founder Kunle Lawal and I founded in August 2018. The mission of STEAM Boston is to empower and inspire students & professionals in the “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics” field with career advice and stories. So far, we have featured 70+ individuals on our website and we plan on doing more.

But, why did we start STEAM Boston in the first place? Going back to June 2018, Kunle and I created a slack channel for our classmates in the Computer Information Systems major. Many of our classmates were having a tough time with job searching and many were getting a lot of rejection emails. We created a slack channel as a way to share job postings in the Greater Boston area and share career advice.

The slack channel started to get traction and students from other majors on campus wanted to join. Then we onboarded students from Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, etc. Well, then we figured that most of the students that joined were in STEM. Kunle and I had the goal of creating a website for college students.

One day, on the second floor of the Wentworth library, we spent 3 hours brainstorming ideas for this resource site for students in STEM. We thought of names like STEM Boston, Tech in Boston, Boston Tech, etc. Most of the names were already registered on Namecheap (the site we use to buy domain names). But, then we started to think about STEAM. STEAM was an acronym that was gaining more traction and we do believe that arts do have a place in society. The addition of “Art” may seem incongruous with the other four fields in the acronym. But in reality, art is a crucial part of innovation and will be a thriving area of career growth in the future. Consider UX/UI design, for instance. Check out this article to check out why STEAM is important.

Then that’s how we founded STEAM Boston. We spent the last two years building on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with populating the website with career advice and stories. Now, we’re going to be doubling-down on job search tools. Diversity in STEAM is something that is core in our mission and I do plan to release more stories for People of Color in Tech. Someday, we will have STEAM Boston Productions and release documentaries of students in the STEAM field.

Well, that’s our story of why we started STEAM Boston. Visit STEAM Boston for career advice and stories.

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