Looking at the title, you’re probably thinking “Why I Majored in Computer Information Systems”. Well, we have to go way back to the year of 2013. I was interning at Fidelity Investments in the summer of my Junior year of high school. At that time, I had just finished taking AP Computer Science and AP Microeconomics. Thus, this was when I found my passion for business and technology.

At Fidelity Investments, I was an Administrative Intern. I worked under an IT Project Manager and this was also the time I fell in love with IT Project Management. Shadowing under my manager at the young age of 17 was unbelievable. An internship in high school would actually shape the direction of my future. The reason why I chose Computer Information Systems (CIS) was that the two other interns were majoring in CIS.

I asked the two college interns a ton of questions and I finally knew what I wanted to study in college. In college, I took a lot of business management and computer science courses. I just love the intersection of the two subjects and right now I’m working as an IT Service Desk Analyst. I do see myself becoming an IT Project Manager in the future.

An internship in high school actually shaped the trajectory of my career and I’m glad that I had this experience in high school. In college, I spent my time doing internships in project management, business analysis, and technical support. Even though Computer Information Systems was a broad major, I’m glad that I chose it.

TL;DR – I chose Computer Information Systems because of a high school internship I had at Fidelity Investments.